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BigFilmDesign, NY, June-August 2014
Compositor on “Finally Famous” and “St. Vincent”

2D and 3D Tracking, screen replacements, enhancements of sexual scenes to match rating requirements.

The Molecule, NY, July-August 2013
Compositor on RoyalPains Season 5”
“Lee Daniel’s The Butler”
”A walk among the tombstones”

2D and 3D Tracking, matte paints to conceal rigs and crews, set extentions to modify the enviroment to fit the setting of the story. Various greenscreen shots and screen replacements.

Hopr, NY, March 2013
Compositor for “Google Gmail Blue”

Color correction of live plates to match a night setting, tracking, rotoscoping, 3D particles and various 3D effects to transform a still picture into a new shot.

Hopr, NY, January 2013
Compositor for “Google PageSpeed Service”

Clean up of live plates, rig and wire removals, tracking and rotoscoping.

Eyeball NYC, NY, September 2012
Compositor on commercials for “Amazon Kindle Fire”

CG compositing to improve look of products on certain shots.

After Party, NY, June 2012
Junior compositor for commercial “Pascall’s Chocs”

CG compositing and clean up of live plates.

After Party, NY, November 2011
Junior compositor for commercial “Airtel Friendzy”

Hopr, NY, September 2011 – November 2011
Greenscreen compositing for feature film “Tower Heist”
Compositing for commercial “Google Music”
Compositor for independent movie “Future Folk”

Big Film Design, NY, May – June 2011
Compositing for feature film “Tower Heist”
Background clean up for feature film “So Undercover”
Rotoscoping for feature film “Rampart”

2D tracking, planar tracking, basic 3D tracking, use of projection maps to clean up shots, rotoscoping and paint, warping, keying, jump cut matching between two shots.

The Colony, NY, November 2010 – February 2011
Compositor for commercial “The Ballad of Hangar One”
Junior compositor for commercial “Sony 3D TV The Mouse Wedding”

Key extraction using different dedicated tools and techniques, roto and paint, tracking and color grading.

Hopr, NY, July 2010 – October 2010
Background clean ups and roto artist for “Fantasy Westward Journey TV”
Junior compositor for Kodak “Prosper”

Keying and rotoscoping, basic CG compositing.

Project 26 LLC, NY, March – December 2008
Junior compositor for videos playing on Comcast 10 Million Pixels LCD Screen

Keying and rotoscoping, motion graphic animation, color grading, coding and muxing, PA and PostPA.

Evil Eye Productions, NY, 2007 – 2008
Compositor for Barry Alexander Brown’s “Last Looks”

On set visual effects assistant, keying, 2D tracking and planar tracking, color grading.

Markfxs Inc., NY, January 2001 – May 2007
Internship position as junior compositor on several commercials for the Turkish Minister of Culture


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